December brings a magical time for children, filled with the spirit of anticipation and joy that only an advent calendar can offer. Here at Sharing Kindness, we understand the excitement and the meaning that a kids advent calendar can bring into the chilly days leading up to Christmas. 

Our mission is to make this advent not just fun, but meaningful with creative surprises that go beyond the usual chocolates and toys.


Advent calendar for kids: the joy behind each door

An advent calendar for kids isn’t just about the daily gifts. It’s a delightful journey that builds their excitement for Christmas while allowing them to explore new little treasures every day. Whether it’s interesting advent calendars with puzzles and books or a traditional one filled with mini toys, each day offers a unique joy and learning opportunity.


2 kids holing an advent calendar

Why choose a
kids advent calendar?

A kids advent calendar is a wonderful way to count down the days to Christmas. It helps kids manage their excitement for the big day while giving them something to look forward to every morning. It’s not just about the build-up to Christmas either; these calendars can be a practical tool for teaching patience and appreciation for small rewards.


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Creative gift ideas to include in your kids advent calendar

Personalised items

Imagine the smile on your child’s face when they open a door to find a miniature figurine with their name on it, or a custom storybook featuring them as the protagonist. These advent calendar kids love just making the countdown personal and much more exciting.

Educational gifts

Mix education with fun by including interesting advent calendars like science kits, language cards, or DIY crafts. These activities are not only enjoyable but also spark curiosity and encourage learning.

Fun and meaningful experiences

Instead of physical gifts, some days could include kindness activities and positive affirmation cards for kids. These experiences are invaluable and help build strong family bonds.


How to organise your advent calendar kids

  • Start with a Theme: 

Whether it’s superheroes, animals, or winter wonders, a theme can tie the whole calendar together and make the preparation process easier for you.

  • Balance the Types of Gifts: 

Include a mix of toys, educational materials, and personal items. This variety will keep your child intrigued by what’s next.

  • DIY Advent Calendars: 

For a truly unique advent calendar, kids can enjoy one that parents have made themselves. This could be as simple as envelopes on a string or painted boxes on a shelf.


Incorporating kindness and thoughtfulness

At Sharing Kindness, we encourage including acts of kindness in your advent calendars. An activity that encourages your child to help a friend or compliment someone can be a powerful tool for developing empathy and compassion. Something that the world really needs right now!


sharing kindness advent calendar

Sustainable and eco-friendly options

With a growing awareness of our environmental impact, consider using items that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Reusable items, materials from ethical sources, and gifts that encourage a love of nature can all be part of a responsible advent calendar.


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Make every day a story

To add an extra layer of excitement, each gift could come with a small note explaining its significance or how it relates to a festive story or a family anecdote. This turns each opening into a storytelling moment and deepens the child's engagement.


Kindness Calendar prompt

Get your kids advent calendar from us!

Have you tried any of these ideas, or do you have your own stories of joyful advent calendars? Visit Sharing Kindness and tell us more about your experiences. We love hearing from our community and sharing in your festive adventures.


Your kids advent calendar can be much more than just a countdown to Christmas. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, it can be a journey of joy, learning, and kindness that your child remembers for years to come.


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Why not take this opportunity to start a new tradition or enhance your holiday season? Head over to Sharing Kindness for more inspiration and join a community that cherishes the true spirit of the festive season.


Remember, every door opened in an advent calendar symbolises a new possibility and a new joy discovered. Let's make those discoveries beautiful, thoughtful, and full of kindness.