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To teach kids that the best gifts don’t come wrapped in paper. Gifts of time, a simple smile or an act of kindness are far more valuable with long lasting effects!

The Sharing kindness


Helping you shift focus from gifts & chocolates... building confidence, appreciation and spreading kindness instead.

With kindness Activities,
re-usable stickers,
Colour-in FUN &
Positive Affirmations

for the whole family to enjoy!

Help us make a difference

We know that small, as well as big acts of kindness make a massive difference.
They can make someone feel seen, be the start of a new friendship or even
break a pattern of estrangement or isolation.

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Make the kindness go further and buy an extra as a Random Act of Kindness for a loved-one.

But don't take our word for it...

what DO I GET?

The AUSSIE Kindness Advent Calendar


Membership CARD to scratch THE affirmations

Colour-in The scenery to make a vibrant view

25 easy-to-do kindness activities

25 Positive Affirmations

30 reusable and washable stickers


PRINTABLE Affirmations Diploma,Thank You Cards and much more!

Story Behind the BEACH Collection

We loved creating the Scandi Kindness Advent Calendar and were so humbled with the support we received from our community... And can you believe it... we were even voted BEST Advent Calendar by the TODAY show!!!

This summer collection is inspired by our home beach in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast!

Our Swedish family loves a traditional white Christmas however we've also embraced the Australian festive season with days spent frolicking at the beach!


I mean, it feels different and sometimes not the same as the childhood memories of baking ginger cookies by the fireplace with my mum....

...but one constant for my family is our passion to share kindness, inspire confidence and create connections.

However, I'd like to mention that, Sharing kindness is not bound to any culture or geographical area...

...we're all about appreciating everyone's differences and promoting inclusion.

Our longterm view with these advent calendars is to visit a new continent each year!

Sharing Kindness


Why choose us?

Our world is in crisis and what the world needs right now is CONNECTION & KINDNESS.

We need to get back to basics and reconnect with the Golden Rule where we treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves.

It’s really that simple...

6 Ways this Advent Calendar

will help your family:


Shift focus from chocolates and gifts to spreading kindness and appreciation


Create a growth mindset by helping your kids build confidence and resilience


Create beautiful conversations on a much deeper level than ever before


Reconnecting to the ‘golden rule’ of treating others the way they want to be treated


Teach positive habits by shifting the focus from chocolates to kindness and connection instead


Give you an all-in-one, fun and interactive advent calendar saving you the time and guilt trying to do it all yourself


We're Tess, Sienna and Scarlett (a kind family from Sweden living in Australia) and instead of focusing on gifts or chocolates this Christmas, together we created this advent calendar to spread kindness into this world. We hope you like it!

Whether you are a child, parent, teacher, coach, group leader, or grandparent this calendar is for you. You will be amazed at what difference this calendar can make in yours and other people’s lives!

Keep scrolling to see how it all works >>> And make sure you have your rhyming eyes turned ON :)

Thank you for helping us share kindness.


By the seashore of Australia, with its golden, fluffy sand,
a bunny and a fox are off exploring this great land.

They'll meet some lovely creatures; brand-new friendships will be made.
They'll see the light of kindness is a light that never fades.

Each day, our Advent Calendar will show you something new,
So, join us on this journey, we’re all waiting there for you!


Let’s celebrate the holidays, surrounded by the sea,
we'll hop from beach to beach and decorate our Christmas tree.

We'll meet Kenny, soft and fluffy, he's a koala bear,

And a kangaroo named Kangy who likes bouncing everywhere.

With Sienna Rabbit and Scarlett Fox, we're sure to have some fun,

And grow in love and kindness as we frolic in the sun.

We’re so glad you’re here!

Welcome to Australia,
let's all dive into the sea,

With its reefs and friendly creature,
let's all dive into the sea.

Open the Doors to find Kindness within

Every day a different door.
Let’s see what hides behind!

There are lovely little messages
that teach us to be kind.

Discover the stickers

Discover brand new stickers -
what pictures will you find?

They're all colourful, reusable,
and all one of a kind!

Decorate the Scene

Add your stickers to the scenery;
each day brings somthing new,

You can colour-in the sides
and make a vibrant, stunning view!


Learn to spread some kindness
with a sprinkle of good cheer,

Our Act of Kindness Cards can be
reused throughout the year.

Scratch the

Scratch the silver shapes,
and see what hides behind.

Our notes of Affirmations
make a very special find!

Make Christmas Shine with
Love and Kindness!

Once each door is opened and your
picture is complete,

Remember to share kindness with
the people that you meet.

Every act of kindness
makes our world so warm and bright,
So, come explore our beaches
and become a shining light.

all over the world!

As we are unable to ship our physical Advent Calendar to all parts of the world…

…and because you might want to prepare ahead of time and see upcoming activities…

… or you might even want to bring it along to your workplace and share kindness with your colleagues…

We’ve also created a printable version of the advent calendar.

Regardless of the reason, kindness is needed everywhere. So, join in on sharing the kindness and start shaping special moments this Christmas!

What others have to say...

Whether you are a child, parent, teacher, coach, group leader or grandparent, this kindness calendar is for you!

You will be amazed at what difference sharing kindness can make in your life as well as other people’s lives!

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