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Ok so here is the deal, our Affirmation cards and Advent calendar are available for presale purchase and estimated arrival for these products will be mid-July. Upon completed purchase we will communicate with you regarding actual delivery date. Please know we are doing our very best to get the products to our warehouse asap and rest assured you will be contacted in the meantime. Thank you so much for your understanding, we really appreciate it!

Oh yes, we certainly do!!! simply add the shipping address on chekcout page to get rate.

Psst. we want to share kindness in as many countries as we possibly can. So please share this website with as many as you possibly can!

Thanks for asking. As you probably can understand we don’t offer change of mind returns. However, we certainly do offer replacement or refund for faulty or damaged goods. Please if you have received your purchase and it has been damaged trying to get to you. Please follow these steps:

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Lots of kindness coming your way!

Absolutely you can! Big or small shops can purchase our products at wholesale rates. May I say very good wholesale rates! If you wish you can also become an independent distributor.

We would love to chat further so if you please could fill out our contact form and one of our staff members will be in contact the following business day.

If you look up the word ‘Affirmation’ you’ll get– “a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth”. It doesn’t say whether the affirmation is positive or negative - that’s for you to decide!

Sadly, people often affirm negative beliefs without even realising. By consciously choosing to affirm positive believes can help break negative habits and re-train yourself (as well as your children) to embrace your good qualities, develop empathy and build confidence.

All children at some stage of their life will experience challenges or disappointments, that is just a fact. As parents there is nothing more rewarding knowing we have helped our children build a positive foundation nurturing their authentic self and helping them enjoy the magic of childhood. Make them shine with confidence as the unique individuals they are!

So to answer the question – YES all children benefit from talking to themselves kindly. It builds a strong foundation on which to grow from.

Oh yes they really are, they are designed with this in mind and provides a really easy-to-use tool and once you get consistent with them, you kids will ask for them!!!

It is entirely up to you what suits your family the best, there is no wrong or right way to use these cards. Here is a glimpse into what has worked well for our family; when we first wake up in the morning, during breakfast time, in the car on our way to school, and then at dinner time has worked very well as it opens up for very meaningful conversations. And then we also have used them for our bedtime routine, which is really nice because we get to repeat it again from the morning... For me, the single most important thing was choosing a time I could be consistent with.

We are currently doing just when we wake up as it sets a nice intention for the day and we then get to repeat them and talk more about them when we are eating dinner.

Does it ever! As a matter of fact it’s THE perfect gift for a baby shower! If someone had of bought this for me for my baby-shower I would have been forever thankful! It would serve an extremely thoughtful gift that’s for sure!

Our Advetn Calendars are perfect from 3 and up! Our Affirmation cards are suitable for kids all ages – even for us parents… Even for kids who don’t speak or read yet. It is much easier to build positive belief systems from an early age, rather than to try and change self-limited beliefs later down the track. For kids who don’t speak ro write yet – just replace the words I AM to YOU ARE

Affirmation cards are the best ever birthday gift you could give. What better gift to give than a self-reflective, self-esteem and self-worth building gift. Imagine if we had of been given gits like these when we were little…

Why you might ask? Because by teaching kids to speak kindly to themselves we are giving them the tools needed to be able to believe in themselves, be resilient and kind to others all at the same time! Effectively, we are helping empowering kids to build a kinder tomorrow.

It’s never too late to start using affirmations, you can always rewire thought patterns and create new habits. Research has shown that it takes anything between 21 – 90 days to create a new habit.

Put simply, by repeating affirmations it builds new connections (because your brain will believe anything you tell it!) by rewiring the brain and practicing them routinely makes it easier to access that positivity. Pretty smart huh?!


Absolutely! I got to experience it first-hand (you can read my story here).

But if you’re curious to know how they work, then let’s have a little chat about your most precious asset - your brain.

Each time you think, feel or do something new, your neurons (brain cells) start forming new connections. This is called neuroplasticity. Research has shown that with repetition, those new connections get stronger, forming new habits. Whilst, the old pathways get used less and weakens. Put simply, affirmations build new connections by rewiring the brain and practising them routinely makes it easier to access that positivity. Pretty smart huh?!

But don’t just take my word for it!  Many other families have reaped its benefits too, (you can find their reviews here).

Yes I absolutely do, please check out our digital advent calendars here. It has lots of suggestions you can use to spread kindness and support whilst also being kind to yourself.

Yes, studies clearly shows that being kind – even observing kindness – can create a ripple effect of happiness! It even spreads to people we don’t know or have never met before. Scientifically, the smallest act of kindness performed today has a massive impact, as it spreads from one person to another, locally and globally.


Kindness Reduces:

Pain – engages endorphins – the brains natural pain killer!

Stress – reduces cortisol.

Anxiety – increases in positive moods, relationship satisfaction, reduce in social avoidance

Depression reduced and wellbeing and good fortune increased

Blood pressure – doing acts of kindness creates emotional warmth which releases oxytocin , which releases nitric oxide – which dilates blood vessels which reduces blood pressure and is therefore known as cardioprotecive hormone and protects the heart by lowering BP.

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