What traits are required to be a leader in the social impact and education field?


Leadership in the social impact and education industry demands a unique set of qualities tailored to fostering positive change and empowering individuals and communities. Successful leaders in this field must possess empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of social issues and community needs.




They should be visionary, able to articulate a clear mission and inspire others to join in their efforts to make a difference. Collaboration and inclusivity are paramount, as leaders must work closely with stakeholders, including educators, community leaders, and beneficiaries, to develop effective strategies and initiatives.


Adaptability and resilience are essential traits, as leaders navigate complex challenges and respond to evolving societal dynamics. Integrity and ethical conduct are non-negotiable, as leaders must uphold the values of transparency, accountability, and social justice.


The Visionary Journey of Tess Bell, CEO of Sharing Kindness

As the CEO of Sharing Kindness, Tess Bell's professional journey is a testament to her diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to kindness, compassion, and resilience.


Tess Bell, CEO of The Sharing Kindness


From her background as an oncology nurse to her roles as a business strategist, digital marketer, copywriter, product developer, and children's book author, her passion culminated in the founding of Sharing Kindness in 2019. Through this venture, she has cultivated a million-dollar enterprise dedicated to nurturing kindness and positivity globally.


Cultivating Global Kindness through Innovative Products


At the core of Sharing Kindness is the annual creation of a Sharing Kindness advent calendar, inspired by worldly destinations, aimed at introducing children to the beauty of global kindness.


Tess's recent focus on habit-building underscores the transformative potential of embedding kindness and positivity into daily routines. She envisions the development of a habit tracker app to assist families in cultivating enduring habits of kindness and positivity. Tess emphasizes the importance of nurturing kindness from within and instilling values of compassion and resilience early in life.


Her personal journey, navigating motherhood and overcoming perfectionism, exemplifies her authenticity and resilience. She advocates for maintaining personal boundaries while advocating for genuine giving and emphasizes the transformative impact of kindness and mindfulness on children.



Building a Community Around Kindness


Tess's products revolve around a three-pillar system: building confidence, resilience, and sharing kindness with oneself and others. With over 70,000 email subscribers, Tess provides free downloadable resources designed to support families, schools, and communities in cultivating these values.


Despite challenges, including navigating criticism and addressing religious controversies, Tess remains steadfast in her commitment to spreading kindness universally. Her emphasis on science-backed products and collaboration with experts ensures the quality and effectiveness of Sharing Kindness initiatives.


Science backed products


Envisioning a Kinder Tomorrow

Since its beginning, Sharing Kindness has achieved significant milestones, including inspiring over one million acts of kindness and earning recognition from esteemed platforms.


Tess's vision extends to becoming a global leader in nurturing compassionate and resilient generations, with plans to integrate their resources into educational curricula worldwide.


Tess advises starting small and integrating kindness and mindfulness into daily routines, emphasizing the importance of leading by example and celebrating small victories. She encourages parents to be brave and consistent in their efforts to instill these values in their children, recognizing the immeasurable positive impact on their well-being.


Join the Movement of Kindness

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