Mindfulness is a hot topic in the world of parenting and education and for good reason! It has been shown to help children regulate their emotions, reduce anxiety, and improve their overall well-being.


In this blog, I will provide an overview of what mindfulness for kids is, why it's important, and how to practice it through exercises and activities. Additionally, I will give you some resources to further support your child in their mindfulness practice.


What is mindfulness for kids and why is mindfulness so important?

Mindfulness is the skill of being completely present in the moment, without criticism or judgment. This means taking note of our physical feelings and emotions whilst remaining fully aware.


With mindful practice, they'll become more conscious and develop a better sense of self-awareness. And most importantly, our mindfulness activities below can be tailored to suit kids of all ages too!


teaching mindfulness in children

Mindfulness has many benefits for children, including: 

  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Improving focus and attention
  • Enhancing emotional regulation
  • Increasing resilience and coping skills
  • Promoting healthier relationships with themselves and others

8 Mindful Ways to Practice Mindfulness with Kids

There are a variety of mindfulness exercises available for children. Here are some easy yet effective activities you can use with kids. Starting today and from at home too. 

Mindful Breathing

An exercise where you pay close attention to your breath. Kids can practice this by noticing how their body feels when they breathe in and out.


Kids can also count each breath or use their favorite colors to focus on while they take deep breaths. Doing this helps kids relax and be more aware of their thoughts and feelings.


Mindful Thinking

By practicing Mindful Thinking, you can learn to be kinder to yourself and cultivate positive self-talk. Kids affirmation cards can be a helpful tool in this practice, as they provide a way to repeat kind words to yourself and reinforce positive thinking patterns. 

Mindful Kids Affirmation Cards

As mentioned above, a great way to help children practice mindfulness is to use affirmation cards for kids. Kids can use these products to express their emotions and feelings in a creative and meaningful way. 


Affirmation cards for kids


Mindful Walking

Another great way to help kids become more aware of their surroundings and their bodies. Kids will practice focusing on each step, taking in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature.


Kids can also practice gratitude by noticing what they are thankful for as they take each step.

Mindful Coloring

A great activity that helps kids focus on the present moment and express their emotions. Kids can be given blank pieces of paper or fun coloring books to bring out their creative side.


They will practice staying in the present moment by being mindful of each stroke, color, and design they make. Click here to download FREE Printable Mindful Colour-in pages. 

Mindful Eating

A simple but effective exercise to practice mindfulness with kids. Kids can take time to notice the taste, texture, and smell of each bite they take.

Child eating with vegetables

This will help them appreciate and savor their food more. Kids can also practice gratitude for having access to nutritious meals or snacks throughout the day. Want to learn more about mindful eating? Check out the 
Action for Healthy Kids' blog post here!

Mindful Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to help kids practice being mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Kids can tell stories about their day, or make up stories that reflect their emotional state at the moment.


Children talking to parents

Not only is this activity enjoyable, but it's also beneficial for kids' mental health. Studies have shown that using positive affirmations boosts self-esteem and helps kids become more mindful of their thoughts and feelings. Take a look at these 
kids affirmation cards, they can help with the sharing of feelings through powerful storytelling. The relatable 4 characters the cards are based around provide an opportunity to foster deeper connections with those around them through storytelling and sharing kind words. 


Kids will be able to bring what they have learned about mindfulness into other areas of their lives too! They'll be better equipped to manage emotions and stressors in a healthy way—ultimately helping them build resilience as they grow.



Gratitude Journaling

Kids can practice being thankful for the good things in their life. Kids can write down what they are grateful for each day, or even draw pictures to express their gratitude. This activity will help kids become more aware of the positive aspects in their lives and appreciate small moments. Kids will also start to recognize the power of gratitude and how it can positively impact their mental health. 


Get your FREE Gratitude Journal and Gratitude Worksheets here!


This free resource will help you and your child to practice mindfulness and express gratitude on a daily basis. You can print out the worksheets to use with your kids or download them for easy access.

Incorporating Kid's Mindfulness into your Everyday Life

Now that you're aware of how to practice Kids' Mindfulness, why not get the ball rolling? A mere 10 minutes a day serves as all it takes for your children to reap its benefits. 


I hope this blog has provided enough insight and motivation for you to take action! Do not hesitate to reach out if there are any queries or concerns.


Make sure to enjoy yourself throughout the journey and stay amazing!

With gratitude & kindness 

Tess x