kindness starts within

... and the way children develop their personal stories now will influence their decisions as adults.

Wouldnโ€™t it be great to help them develop an identity of self-worth and confidence...

...sending all those negative and crippling thoughts away?

OUR Affirmation cards will help you to:


With your child on a deeper emotional level.


Your child the confidence you've always them wanted to have.


Resilience that will help deal with life's challenges.


Learn to spread kindness and support.

Because, let's be honest, we're competing against a world which is sending our kids messages that they aren't good enough.

That they don't measure up.

For that simple reason - we need to be speaking the opposite of that...

...often enough, to drown out those lies.

Have you ever noticed your child speak negatively to themselves? OR...

If so...'re not alone and we're here to help.


how to Help your child with their self-talk?

We believe that all inner dialouge is important to acknowledge...

...(and if you ask us!) this is what makes our positive affirmations very unique.

They help kids talk about their feelings whilst teaching a positive mindset.

But first let's see what others have to say...

"What a beautiful tool to use with our children. The illustrations are so relatable. This is the perfect gift, also for kids with developmental delays. Definetley one to keep on the coffee table to use daily too. Thank you Tess for creting a product not only beautiful, but life-giving at the same time."

Nicole Hobbs

"These affirmation cards are great as a different kind of bedtime story or as a connecting tool with your children. They spark great conversations. At the moment I like to spread them out and get my daughter to choose one or two and then I read it to her."

Maya D.

"Thank you Tess and your gorgeous girls. I highly reccommend being part of anything Sharing Kindness do - especially if you have children - and being part of their community. It has enriched my life and will do yours too!"

Naomi Lambert

Here's how we USE The AFFIRMATIONS...

There's no right or wrong way to use these cards (and I really mean that!). Use them in whichever way feels right for you and your family.

But beware, the cards will spark ideas and lots of meaningful conversations :)

They will empower your little-ones to become mindful, kind, confident and resilient.

In our family, we use the affirmations once per day, most often during bedtime, when we have more time to reflect and dig deeper into the feelings surrounding the cards and illustrations.

But we also keep a set in the car to use whilst we're on the road,

...and sometimes I even send a card in with the kids lunchboxes,

...or if we're feeling more worried than usual about something, we might focus more attention on one particular card a few times a day.

Do whichever way that works best for your family.ย 


Want a little sneak peek into what the affirmations cards look like?

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How Repeated Positive affirmations can Help with negative self-talk

Children need to hear over and over again what makes them special...

...that they are enough just the way they are... brave they are to show up and give it their best...

...and that no matter what they do or what feelings they may experience - we love them no matter what.

If you notice the negative self-talk creep in...

1. Acknowledge the voice and say 'I hear you and thanks for sharing'

2. Give the voice a clear instruction like: 'Be quiet' or 'Go away' >>>>>>

3. Choose some Positive Affirmation Cards and read them out load with as much energy and feeling as possible.

Not your typical AFFIRMATIONS

... they are also based on a unique
3 pillar system;

Kindness, Confidence and Resilience

Self-kindness is the building base, as it's the single most important skill to teach your kids as this will help them develop a positive foundation on which to grow from.

And Suitable for Children...

...all genders ages 0-12 (as it's never too early to start affirmations),

...who can read,

...who hasnt learnt to read or talk yet (as the cards can be read out load by the parent instead),

...who struggle talking about their feelings,

...who lacks self-esteem and self-worth,

...who may be experiencing bullying or difficulties at school,

...who worries alot

...or suffers from anxiety,

...who wants to feel more confident and develop a growth-mindset.

Do affirmations Work?

Absolutely... I got to experience it first-hand!

But if you ask a scientist they will tell you that...

Each time you think, feel or do something new, your neurons (brain cells) start forming new connections.

This is called neuroplasticity.

Research has shown that with repetition, those new connections get stronger, forming new habits. Whilst, the old ones weakens.

Put simply...

...affirmations build new connections by rewiring the brain and practicing affirmations routinely makes it a whole lot easier to access that positivity.

Pretty smart huh?!

Positive Affirmations are more than just a trendy idea.

They contribute to growth-mindset and help form who your child believes they can be.

Get the Box of Confidence

Affirmation Cards TOday!

By pressing the 'pause button' on life's distractions and introducing one simple habit, you are shaping your kids to be confident, resilient and kind!

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How to use The Affirmations?

Say it

Read the positive affirmations out loud with as much emotion, passion and belief as possible.

If your little one isn't reading yet, you can help read the card and they can repeat after you.


feel it

Connect a feeling to the card through meaningful conversations.

You can do this by asking about the meaning of the affirmation and perhaps what the hand-drawn characters feel about it. Be sure to share your own experiences too.

Repeat it

The true power of positive affirmations is through repetition.

When you choose to repeat that you are kind, worthy, and resilient - these words bypass the conscious mind and go straight into the subconscious to become a key part of your own story.


We believe that kindness starts within,

and if we can teach our kids to be kind to themselves... builds a strong foundation for sharing kindness with others.

why practice kindness?

The way children develop their personal narratives now will influence their decisions as adults.
Wouldnโ€™t it be great to help them develop an identity of self-worth and confidence, sending all those negative and crippling thoughts away?



Connect with your child on a
deeper emotional level.


Learn to spread kindness and


Create strength and resilience that
will help deal with life's


Teach your child the confidence
you've always wanted to have.


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