Why affirmations?

If you look up the word ‘affirmation’ you’ll get
“a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth”.
It doesn’t say whether the affirmation is positive or negative
- that’s for you to decide!

Sadly, people often affirm negative beliefs without even realising....

...and by consciously choosing to repeat positive statements can help to break these negative habits. And instead embrace your good qualities, develop empathy and build confidence.


Here’s a scary thought...

...the way children develop their personal narratives now will influence their decisions as adults.

Wouldn’t it be great to help them develop an identity of self-worth and confidence, sending all those negative and crippling thoughts away? With our affirmation cards, that’s possible!

By pressing the 'pause button' on life's distractions and introducing one simple habit, you are shaping them to be confident, resilient and kind!

Do affirmations work?

Absolutely... I got to experience it first-hand!

But don’t just take my word for it!

Many other families have reaped its benefits too.

But if you’re curious to know why they work...

then let’s have a little chat
about your most precious asset >>

your brain.

Each time you think, feel or do something new, your neurons (brain cells) start forming new connections.

This is called neuroplasticity...

Research has shown that with repetition, those new connections get stronger, forming new habits. Whilst, the old pathways get used less and weakens.

Put simply, affirmations build new connections by rewiring the brain and practicing them routinely makes it easier to access that positivity. Pretty smart huh?!



Want a little sneak peek into what the A Box of Confidence affirmations cards look like?

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These are...

Not your typical affirmations

Our Affirmation cards teaches a unique
3 pillar system;

Kindness, Confidence and Resilience.

Self-kindness is the building base of it all and the single most important skill to teach our kids so they can develop positive foundations on which to grow from.

By being kind to ourselves, you form a mindset of worthiness and of believing in yourself.

You learn to bounce back from life’s challenges and are much more likely to share spread kindness and support to others.

How to use Affirmations?

Say it.

Positive affirmations are said out loud with as much emotion, passion and belief as possible.

feel it.

Connect a feeling to the card through meaningful conversations.

Do this by asking them about what they think the words mean and how they or the characters feel about it. Be sure to share your own experiences too.

Repeat it.

The true power of positive affirmations is through repetition.

When you choose to mindfully repeat that you are kind, worthy, and resilient - these words bypass the conscious mind and go straight into the subconscious mind to become a key part of your own positive story.

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